Special Term


Undergraduate Students

The Special Term caters to Undergraduate (UG) students under the modular faculties system who wish to graduate earlier.

- UG students admitted to non-modular faculties namely, Medicine / Dentistry / Law where the programme structure and duration are fixed (except Law DDP students whose 2nd degree is registered with a modular faculty), are excluded. 

Graduate Students

Some Faculties/Schools may offer graduate modules during the Special Term for graduate students (research and coursework) to read.

Non-Graduating Students

If you are a current overseas student registered at another University, NUS welcomes you to join us as a Non-Graduating (Exchange or Non-Exchange) student during the Special Term.

Returning Full-Time National Servicemen (NSmen) who have places reserved for them in NUS and will be registering as UG students in the upcoming Semester 1 can join the Non-Graduating Programme in the Special Term.

Details on Special Term

Dates of Special Term
Modules Available
Dropping of Module(s)
Examination Related Matters
Module Registration, Fees and Other Information


  1. The Special Term comprises two parts, each of which lasts six weeks:
  2. Special Term Period
    Part 1 May to June (6 Weeks)
    Part 2 June to July (6 Weeks)

    Students may register for modules in either Part 1 or 2, or both.

  3. Please refer to the Academic Calendar for actual dates of Special Term Part 1 and 2.
  4. For students in the Part-time Bachelor of Technology (BTech) Programme, please visit the BTech Programme website for the BTech Academic Calendar.


The list of modules available in each Special Term is published in November of each Academic Year (AY).

  • For Undergraduate students and Non-graduating students, please refer to the list of available modules here#1.
  • For Graduate students, please refer to the list of available modules here.

For more details on the class and examination timetable (lecture, tutorial and laboratories if any), please refer to the NUSMods.

In general, students take no more than two modules per part of the Special Term.

#1Non-Graduating students may have module restrictions.


  1. Students may choose to drop any modules for which they have earlier registered. Please note the penalty and fee policy applicable for dropping modules within the following timelines:
  2. Penalty Fee Payment Special Term (Part 1 & 2)
    No penalty Fees not payable By end of Instructional Week 2 of each part of special term
    "W" grade* for module(s) Fees payable#2 By end of Instructional Week 3 of each part of special term
    "F" grade for module(s) Fees payable#2 1st day of Instructional Week 4 onwards of each part of special term

    Please refer to the Academic Calendar for the actual effective periods of “W” and “F” grade.
    #2Fees payable are only applicable for Undergraduates, Returning National Servicemen, Graduate and Non-Graduating Non-Exchange Students only.

  3. Students who have to drop modules after Week 2 because they fail the pre-requisite modules in the Semester 2 examinations will not be granted a fee waiver.
  4. Students are not able to exercise Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory (S/U) option on the modules dropped during the “F” grade period.
    (Note: Points (2) and (3) are not applicable to Non-Graduating students)


Please refer to the "Important Deadlines on Examination-Related Matters" in the RO Examination Directory for the dates of examination, results release, declaration of Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory (S/U) option#3, submission of Special Consideration form and application for result review. The Examination Venue and Seat Assignment will be available at the RO Examination Directory about 1 week before the start of the exams. For Examination Timetable/ Schedule, please refer to the NUSMods.

For Part-time BTech students, the BTech Office will inform students of the Special Term Examination Timetable/Schedule and date of results release via email once the information is confirmed nearer the time.

For information on S/U option#3 matters and/or to declare S/U option, please refer to the useful links in the RO Examination Directory.

#3Declaration of S/U option is not applicable for Non-Graduating students and majority of the Graduate Students.


For module registration, fees, enquiries and other information, please refer to the respective websites as follows:

Undergraduate Students click here
Graduate Students click here
Non-Graduating Students & Returning National Servicemen click here
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