Undergraduate Special Term

NUS undergraduate students who wish to read Special Term modules must register through ModReg@EduRec (Navigation Path: Academics > Module Registration). Please refer to the detailed information below.

Students must register for the modules they would like to read through ModReg@EduRec. Please refer to the user guide on registering the modules through ModReg.

There are two Modules Registration periods, one for each part of the Special Term. Students are required to register for the module and tutorial classes separately on different dates during each registration period.

Please refer to the schedule here.

Students can access to "View my Classes” in ModReg to check the module registration results the day after the respective module and tutorial registration round has ended.

Students who are unsuccessful in securing the module they wish to read may send an appeal via ModReg@EduRec.

The information on tuition fees for Special Term for full-time undergraduate students (within normal candidature, as well as the Special Term immediately following the expiry of normal candidature period) can be accessed here (refer to the section on ‘Tuition' for the Special Term Fees).

The tuition fees for Special Term for full-time undergraduate students beyond normal candidature period is the full, un-subsidised fees (refer to the column “Fees payable by students not in receipt of MOE Tuition Grant” here) pro-rated by the number of MCs read by the student in the Special Term.

For part-time BTech students, please refer to the BTech programme website.

For Yale-NUS students, please contact registry@yale-nus.edu.sg.

Students are encouraged to participate in the Online Student Feedback Exercise, which will be held one week before the start of the Special Term Examination.

Please click here for more information.

  1. Registering for examinations
    1. Students who register for the Special Term modules will be automatically registered for the examinations to be held in the last week of Special Term Parts 1 and 2.
  2. Applying/Not Applying for graduation
    1. Students who have applied for graduation in the Semester 2 preceding the Special Term they have registered modules for, are required to go to the Dean's Office of their respective Home Faculties to withdraw their apply-for-graduation request. Students are to check their respective faculties' websites for the dates to withdraw apply-for-graduation request.
    2. Students who satisfy all graduation requirements and intend to graduate after completion of the Special Term modules will only be conferred, at the earliest, on 31 August and they will be eligible to attend the Commencement ceremony only in the following year.

Please click here for the list of frequently asked questions.

Email: modreg@nus.edu.sg
Hotline: (65) 6516 5860
(Please note that the above hotline is used only during the Module and Tutorial registration period.)

For enquires relating to Faculty matters, including students in the part-time Bachelor of Technology (BTech) programme, please contact the Faculty Administrators.

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