Discipline with respect to students is governed by the University's Statutes and Regulations. Any student who is alleged to have committed or attempted to commit offences listed in Clause 3 of Statute 6 may be subject to disciplinary proceedings.

Heads of academic and non-academic units are empowered to adjudicate any offences in relation to existing students of the University. In such cases, appeals can be brought before the Dean of the Faculty if the disciplinary action was initiated by the Head of a Faculty-based academic unit, or before the Dean of Students if it was initiated by the Head of a non-Faculty-based academic unit or the Head of a non-academic unit.

The Board of Discipline is empowered to adjudicate any offences in relation to any student of the University, whether existing or for whom the candidature has ceased, as long as the circumstances giving rise to the disciplinary proceedings arose while the person was a student of the University or in connection with the person's admission into the University. The Board of Discipline is chaired by the Dean of Students or a Vice Provost and comprises two other members of the Senate and two members of the Student Union. Appeals against the decisions of this Board are heard by the Disciplinary Appeals Board.

Students of the National University of Singapore should familarise themselves with the NUS Code of Student Conduct which is intended to guide students’ conduct in both the academic and non-academic aspects of their University life by providing an overview of the behaviour generally expected of them as members of the University community.

Students may also access the Discipline with Respect to Students - Guidance Note for Students on the NUS Student Portal for better understanding of factors relevant to the classification of offences by the University. NUS staff managing student disciplinary matters may also access relevant resources via the NUS Staff Portal

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