Graduate Programmes

NUS offers a wide range of graduate programmes that are characterised by intellectual rigour and cutting-edge scholarship. They are designed to nurture a passion for inquiry and to provide you with the tools to tackle intellectual challenges with confidence and creativity. NUS graduate programmes cater to a variety of interests, namely:

  • Doctoral degrees
    These are primarily research-based and are typically the first choice for students who seek depth of knowledge, enjoy creative problem solving, and who aspire to hold high level positions in their respective fields. They equip students with the skills required to advance knowledge, and human progress.
  • Master's degrees
    These are primarily designed to prepare students for the practice of a profession (typically Master's by coursework), or to master a subject area as a precursor to doctoral training (typically Master's by research).
  • Graduate Diplomas
    These are often favoured by students who seek additional exposure to an area of interest without committing themselves to longer-term further studies. It focuses on professional training in a specific niche.

These programmes offer excellent opportunities for students to further develop their potential as intellectual leaders for a wide range of career paths. Prospective graduate students should consider carefully which type of graduate programme most suits their interests and career aspirations. Increasingly, students pursuing a research-oriented career (whether in industry or academe) and/or wanting to advance quickly in their chosen career, elect to enrol in a Doctoral programme.

Faculties/Schools/Institutes that offer graduate programmes:

The full list of NUS graduate programmes and the individual programme websites are available here. All enquiries should be directed to the respective Graduate Divisions of each Faculty/School/Institute conducting the programmes.

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