Unofficial Transcripts

The academic transcript is a student’s complete and permanent academic record and reflects all work completed at NUS. While the Unofficial Transcript is designed to show similar information as your Official Transcript, it is not considered official because it does not have the official university seal imprinted on it and will not typically be accepted for any official transactions such as applications for admission or as proof of a degree.

In addition, the Unofficial Transcript does not show degree conferment details (i.e., degree conferred, conferment date, Major/Minor/Specialisation obtained) unlike the Official Transcript.

Unofficial Transcripts are used primarily for student reference and are available only to current students.

Please note that the examination results of the current semester can only be printed on the transcript from the 11th calendar day from the day of results release (i.e. when the University has finalized all appeals for review of examination results).

If you are reading or have read more than one single degree programme within the same Academic Career (e.g. a Master's degree and a PhD), you will see the academic record of all the degree programmes displayed chronologically in the same Unofficial Transcript. However, the academic information of each of the single degree programmes will be printed separately in the Official Transcript.

There is no charge for an Unofficial Transcript.

Unofficial transcripts can be printed from myEduRec.

Please refer to the Ask Student Service Centre portal for more information.

Current students can print their transcripts from myEduRec anytime of the year, except on the day of results release.

Graduating students can still access myEduRec and print their Unofficial Transcripts within 30 days from their official conferment date.

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